Idea VerksamhetsLedning
This is our webbased solution used to implement  a good Workenvironment-, Safety- & Rehab work.

A complete system
IDEA VerksamhetsLedning is a webbased complete system to administer and carry out the workenvironment- security- and the rehab work. The system, which is a webbased software used in your intranet, consists of three modules. ArbetsmiljöLedning for the workenvironment work, SäkerhetsLedning for the security work, and RehabLedning for the rehabwork. The modules can be used separately or together. Depending on who the user is, the system will serve different tools adapted to the responability of the user.

The modules consists of different parts
Tools- used to do the operative work, administering and carry out the workenvironment- security- and/or the rehab work.
Education- courses and tests to supply necessary knowledge to complete the tasks
Facts - laws, rules and regulations.
Documents- a central place for all your documents used in the area of workenvironment and rehab.

The aim and the benefits
With IDEA VerksamhetsLedning demands from laws and regulations can be settled and in the same time benefits like lower rates of sicklisting will be achieved.

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